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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tutorial : Unlock Blocked Website

Purposes of Proxy

There are many purposes of using Proxies depending on who are you. EXAMPLE If you are "porn geeks" you can use proxy to unlock porn website that had been blocked by your country ISP. Another example is PirateBay, as you know (maybe Malaysia will know more) ThePirateBay had blocked by our ISP because our government want to control software and other digital material. By using Proxy we can enter this website easily without any problems.

For Malaysian/China (because I live in Malaysia and I know China quite strict with their internet censorship so they can use this Proxy to surf their desired website.

How My Proxy Works? (please refer to the picture)

How To Use

1- Type URL that u desired in "Enter a URL to Browse Anonymously
2- Click "Surf Anonymously".
3- Please click advertisement to help me grow this website

Warning : Please do not use proxy to enter your internet banking website or website that similar to internet banking. Do not misuse proxy for personal gain. I will not responsible to what you do. Use Proxy at your own risk.
Orang lain tengok Iklan pun dapat duit [KLIK SINI]

Jangan Lupa Click iklan dibawah ni sebagai tanda sokongan


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