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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pelik Baq Ang : Ritual Halau Hantu

Sebenarnya gambar yang Labi-Labi post dekat atas and bawah ni Labi-Labi sendiri pun tak tahu apa motive dia buat macam tu. Perayaan kah? Festival kah? Suka suka hati mak bapak tiri dia kah?

Biar Labi-Labi petik sedikit ayat daripada sumber 

There is a man in La Cumbre, Colombia, who is respected and feared, who performs up to 10 exorcisms per week. His name is Hermes Cifuentes, 51, also known as "Brother Hermes." He has produced over 35,000 exorcisms to date and, by the looks of it, the man knows what he's doing. A majority of the participants who are smeared with mud and surrounded by limes, egg shells, an engulfing fire, and a wooden crucifix, all claim to have been possessed by evil spirits. Hermes is in such demand, that he is often booked for weeks. If that isn't entertaining, I don't know what is.

Orang lain tengok Iklan pun dapat duit [KLIK SINI]

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