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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gambar : Penjara Alcatraz Yang Menyeramkan

Salam semua, kali ini Labi-Labi nak share dengan anda semua koleksi gambar yang memaparkan keadaan di dalam sebuat penjara yang dinamakan Penjara Alcatraz yang Menyeramkan yang terletak di sebuah pulau di San Francisco. Labi-Labi difahamkkan bahawa penjara ini digunakan untuk menahan banduan-banduan yang top je contohnya seperti Al Capone dan James Whitney Bulger yang tak top tu takde maknenye nak duduk dekat penjara top security macam nie..

Tapi sekarang penjara nie dah tutup dah. So bagi sesiapa yang teringin nak melawat boleh google je Alcatraz Prison senang kan?

Lelabi : Disini Labi-Labi nak share beberapa tips melawat tempat yang menarik untuk mereka yang pergi ke San Francisco

Top 10 things to do in San Francisco.
1. Walk across the Golden Gate
2. Eat Pacific Clam chowder at a sidewalk stand on Fisherman's Wharf.
3. Take your kids to see the Sea Lions at Fisherman's Wharf--they have floating platforms and are quite fun for kids
4. Eat Dungess Crab at a restaurant with great "San Francisco Bay views".
5. At Sunset watch the fishing boats come in with their daily catches of fish, clams, Sardines, Oysters
6. Go to China Town-- must see the fresh Meat/Fish Markets. Bullfrogs, half-dead fish in tanks, Turtles..it's really sad, but a very cultural experience.
7. Golden Gate Park/Baker Beach. Incredible plants and flowers and earthy people playing instruments/You can see awesome surfers in wet suits in 50 degree weather. Wind Surfers.. Great Dog beaches where your dog can run around with 100 other dogs.
8. North Beach. Next to China Town, it is "Little Italy" and you will find authentic food and shops and Italian people.
9. Twin Peaks. Go at night and you will see a Panoramic view of the entire city by night..the Golden Gate with all it's lights..Coiyt Tower etc..incredible.
10. On the other side of San Francisco is Pacific Heights/ Pacific Beach. Huge, Long, gorgeous beach right on the Pacific with huge cliffs and Dunes where people Hang Glide. It's the non-touristy part of San Francisco. That's just 10. I didn't want to take up too much of your time.

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