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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Picture : 10 Most Popular Suicide Places

Committing Suicide proves that the person is weak. Life is already too short and believe me if it’s not good, it will be. People committing suicide think that this is their only way out, but sadly it’s not. At least have the decency to care for your loved ones that could affect your death. By the way we were talking about the popular places of committing suicide weren’t we ?
Here is the list of 10 most popular suicide committing places. Why are they popular? well everybody wants a clean and easy death right? well that is the reason.
Jacques Cartier Bridge
Situated in Montreal, Canada. Last recorded body count was over 143. In 2004, a suicide prevention bridge was installed on this bridge, after that people started committing suicides from that very place.
Aurora Bridge
Situated in Seattle, Washington. Last recorded body count was 230. The first suicide occurred in 1932 before the bridge was completed.
Eiffel Tower
Situated in Paris, France. Last body count was between 350 and 400. A woman once jumped from the first floor and landed on the roof of a car. After recovery, she married the owner of the car.
Coronado Bridge
Located in San Diego, California. Last recorded body count was 250+. It is known to be the most deadliest and scariest place to commit suicide.
Prince Edward Viaduct
Located in Toronto, Canada. Last recorded body count was 400+. Due to the suicides, a barrier was installed in 2003. After that, there was no suicide recorded.
Clifton Bridge
Positioned in River Avon, Bristol UK. Last recorded Body count was 1000+. Even after installing suicide barriers, suicides did not stop.
Beachy Head
Positioned in East Sussex, England. Last recorded Body count was about 500, approximately 20 per year. No barriers can be installed and unfortunately suicides cannot be stopped.
Niagara Falls
Located in Ontario Canada. Last recorded body count was 2780. 59 percent of the jumpers were found to be male.
Golden Gate Bridge
Located in San Francisco, California. Last recorded body count was 1500+, approximately 30 per year. There are no barriers at all to avoid suicides that is why people chose it.
Situated in Mount Fuji, Japan. Body count is countless. Aokigahara is a forest, called the sea of trees which is believed to be haunted by goblins, monsters, ghosts etc.

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