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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Toward A New World Order

Labi-Labi tertarik dengan kiriman "Mail" daripada seorang rakan Labi-Labi tentang Islam dan cara-cara untuk Islam mendapat kembali kegemilangan Islam pada masa dahulu jadi Labi-Labi ingin berkongsi maklumat ini dengan anda semua moga-moga kita mendapat keberkatan daripada Allah SWT.


Bismillahir Rahman ir Raheem,

If asked to give a single word that describes the prevailing world scene; the answer in most cases will be - Unrest. If asked the cause or reason behind it; the answer would be - Materialism. Sorry! The answer is wrong. These are merely the symptoms of the ailment called Shirk and the cause is the absence of Khilafah.

True, that the unabashed pursuit of wealth by individuals and nations is the key behind the all pervasive unrest. This pursuit has been triggered because some nations are rich in natural wealth (such as Middle-East, India etc.) while others are poor (such as Europe, USA etc.). Incidentally, the poorer ones are consuming more while producing less. To make their ends meet, the poorer grab it by hook or crook from the rich. Creating an atmosphere of chaos is conducive for the poorer nations as they can plunder without being noticed.

In the years that followed after the passing away of the Rasool Allah (SAW), the Islamic world made unparalleled progress in science, literature, astronomy, mathematics, trade, commerce and political annexation of territories. The bulwark behind this tremendous progress was the strong foundation of Aqeedah in the Muslims laid by Rasool Allah (SWA). This brilliant era continued for more than a millennium. Then came the decline until it was vanquished in March 1924 CE.

Note that the past 83 years (since 1924) have been the playfield of one holocaust after another, one mischief succeeding the other. Oh You Muslims! Take your share of blame. If you would have had a Khalifah today, you would have saved the world from this chaos and in the process of course saved yourself from the disgrace that you face today.

Now, is it possible to once again unify the world under one Allah-fearing ruler? Can Khilafah be re-established on this earth again? YES. Khilafah can surely be re-established but the asking is tough. Can you give up the 'love of this world' and the 'fear of death'? The companions of the Prophet (RA) did it in ample measure and gave the world an unbroken string of Khalifah for 1344 years.

Count our strength:

(i) Most of the Muslims today admit that the rule of Shariah must prevail in their lives - i.e. they must be governed by the Shariah law. This is not possible till we again have an Islamic State with a Khalifah as the unifying head.

(ii) There is a very large population of Muslims spread out all over the world who would form the unflinching subjects of the Khilafat.
(iii) Natural resources are abound in most Muslim countries, which appreciate in value with passage of time. This can act as the material strength of the Khilafat.

(iv) Most Kafir countries have little natural wealth as compared to their industrial or manufactured wealth, which loses value with the passage of time. These countries depend even today upon Muslim countries for the basic raw materials. With the advent of Khilafat, the economies of Kuffar will crumble. Moreover the economies of Kuffar is based on exploitation and hence destined to fail.

(v) Armies of most Muslim countries have faith in Allah and are mentally ready to support a Khalifah. A political change of their corrupt heads-of-state would make them the 'Army of Allah'.

(vi) Armies of most Kafir countries are immoral i.e. drowning in wine and women and are disloyal or at least unconcerned about the goals of their leaders.

(vii) By falsely targeting Muslims today and projecting wrong information as true, the intelligence agencies have left themselves and their Kuffar countries directionless and bewildered.

(viii) Allah will support the Muslim armies with His angels and simultaneously instill fear in the hearts of the Kuffar.

Our weaknesses are:

(i) Our Aqeedah (foundations of Belief in Allah) have weakened. We need to refresh and live by them.

(ii) We have been made to believe by the Kuffar that Khilafah is a primitive concept and not in keeping with the modern times. We must believe that it is indeed the most modern and just form of governance.

(iii) We have accepted the wrong verdict of the Kuffar that Islam does not have a ruling system. The fact is that Islam has a very elaborate ruling system - Administrative, Executive and Judiciary. We have a perfect system for tax collection & distribution of wealth, revenue collection & expenditure of the State, judicial & law enforcement, interpretation & application of Shariah laws to daily life, education policy & propagation of Islam, foreign policy, collection & dissemination of information - name it and we have it. Yes! We do not have a Legislature to make and unmake laws because our laws are made by Allah (SWT) who knows our future needs and therefore He made perfect and immutable rules for all times and all people.

So, Muslim brothers and sisters of the world, awake, rise and stop not till the Khilafah is established.

Wal hamdulilahi Rabbil alameen.


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